From 2002 to 2008 Akiva worked in a variety of dead-end jobs, dreaming of the day he would finally be head of a department, any department.  One afternoon, while musing over his coffee cup during a dull company meeting, he hit on the original idea of the “functional” treat, the sweet that gives you more than a fleeting sugar high. Some say that was the day the first purposeful cookie, the now famous Awaken Baked, chock full of actual ground, organic fair trade coffee, was born.

Akiva kept his recipe under wraps, and held on to a day job as a sales and marketing manager for an energy drink company. Finally in late 2009, when he was ready to give up the money, prestige, and attention of all the ladies in the energy drink industry, he officially launched The Cookie Department.

The Cookie Department, with its inventive assortment of delicious and functional cookies is Akiva’s pride and joy.  Having finally attained his dream of heading up a department, Akiva now takes great pride in running his company well, treating customers with respect, conducting endless meetings, looking serious and carrying a clipboard.

His vision now is of a day when Americans of all ages, shapes and sizes will enjoy his extraordinary and fully-functional cookies.


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