Coffee – Morning Friend or Foe?

ImageIt seems like every time the news comes on, there is a new study about coffee. It is either the new health halo or every American’s biggest vice, so what gives? Is coffee really a touted health drink or every dieter’s nightmare? Like all foods and beverages, moderation is key. Sure, coffee can cause nausea, GI distress, heartburn and the jitters for some individuals, but the pros for drinking coffee certainly outweigh the cons.   

Currently, coffee is America’s number one source of anti-oxidants! This might surprise many, but considering most Americans don’t eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables, it makes sense. Unlike other beverages, 1 cup of coffee is equal to 6 fl oz, so even the small order of coffee (12 fl oz) is still 2 cups of coffee! That 18 oz coffee you ordered this morning from your favorite coffee shop easily provides your body with 3 antioxidant rich cups of coffee.

Aside from being an antioxidant superstar, coffee has other protective roles. For instance, men who drink coffee have less of a chance of developing Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, coffee seems to reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes by slightly increasing one’s metabolic rate shortly after drinking a cup or two. Additionally, coffee drinkers are about 50% less likely to develop colon, breast and rectal cancers. If those aren’t reasons to pick up a cup of coffee before heading out the door before work, consider this – coffee can help with athletic performance. Studies have shown that coffee drinkers are able to go harder and longer during intense workouts compared to those who skipped the black liquid.

Now just because coffee has been shown to have many health benefits, it does not mean you have free to fill your extra large coffee cup with syrups, sugar, creamers and whip cream. A little cream, milk and/or sugar does not hurt, but adding too much takes away from the health benefits mentioned above. Also, these findings are related to coffee and not caffeine so energy drinks and sodas should not replace your morning cup of Joe. 

With all of this knowledge, go out and celebrate National Coffee Month because you are doing your body some good. Or better yet, pick up the Awaken Baked cookie that contains 1 cup of coffee! (You could always have a cup of coffee and an Awaken Baked…we wouldn’t judge you, promise!)

For more information check out Harvard Health!

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2 responses to “Coffee – Morning Friend or Foe?

  1. I think you just convinced me to give coffee a try in the morning over tea haha. Oh and cracked me up with that first pin 😉 i have a little coffee maker that i save for my mum visits but i might be breaking it out before the end of the week for me 😛

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